Zen and the art of eyelid surgery

This week's post comes to you while I am attending the 2013 EuroMediCom aesthetic medicine meeting in Monte Carlo.  I hope you enjoy it.

Some procedures really take an extra gentle touch; eyelid surgery is one of those procedures.  Gentle not only in the technical execution, but also in the planning.  Gentle planning and gentle technique take patience and to some degree an artistic view.  By ‘gentle planning’, I mean setting a goal for eyelid surgery that will result in a refreshed and natural appearance that is not overdone.  This should result in a look that is a younger version of yourself as opposed to severe or over pulled.  By ‘gentle technique’, I mean performing the actual procedure in such a way that the eyelids are handled delicately, minimizing trauma and unnecessary injury.  Doing so has significant benefits during the healing and recovery process, specifically less bruising and swelling.  When we can minimize bruising and swelling, the recovery time is decreased and you can resume normal activities sooner.  Look for another post that details some of the specific technologies I use in eyelid surgery to minimize recovery time.  Thank you for reading.  -FRN

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