Facial Procedures

Upper Eyelid Lift (Upper lid blepharoplasty)

Removes excess skin, tissue or fat to reduce sagginess and puffiness in the upper eyelids.

Lower Eyelid Lift (Lower lid blepharoplasty):

Reduces droopiness and bags in the lower eyelid.

Brow Lift:

Elevates the eyebrows and smooths forehead skin to create a more youthful, refreshed look.

Face Lift:

Tightens muscles, reduces fat, and repositions the skin of the face to improve the visible signs of aging.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty):

Reshapes the nose to be smaller, larger, more narrow or differently angled based on patient preferences.

Cosmetic Lower Lid Repair/Revisions:

Reconstructive techniques are used to correct poor outcomes from previous lower eyelid surgery.

Neck Lift:

Tightens loose skin around the neck to create a more youthful appearance.

Mid-face Lift:

Restores a youthful facial contour to the area between the lower eyelids and the corners of the mouth.


Correct a deviated septum.

Nose Job Revision/Repair:

Repair of poor outcomes from nose jobs.

Ear Pinning (Otoplasty):

Sets prominent ears closer to the head.

Chin Surgery (augmentation and reduction):

Strengthens the appearance of a less-prominent chin or reduces the size of a fuller chin.

Hair Line Advancement:

Moves the hairline forward by shortening the forehead.

Fat Transfers to the Face:

Micro fat grafting to replace volume loss in the face.

Chemical Peel:

Smoothes the texture of the skin by removing damaged outer layers with a chemical solution.

Laser Resurfacing:

Stimulates the production of new, healthy skin using non-invasive laser light.

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